This page is intended to provide an opportunity to reminisce, not only about our years at Ramona, but also those elementary and middle schools that provided the tributaries that flowed into Ramona. This page is, as is the rest of this web site, a work in progress. As we receive and convert documents, photos and other data of interest, we will publish all to your web site. If you have anything you'd like to contribute, please let us know.

Many thanks to John & Nancy McCarver Bracey, Cheryl Knott Rybarczyk, Bill & Theresa Carson and Valda Jaramillo for their contributions to and assistance in putting this page together.

Ramona High School
Class Photo    
1970-71 Homecoming Parade
(self-running slide show; click on 1st photo after it loads)
Prom Night (photos/material needed)    
Graduation Day Program    
Class of `71 In the Making
Adams Elementary   Liberty Elementary
Class of `64   Class of `61-62 (help us identify students)
Class of `65    
Hawthorne Elementary   Monroe Elementary
Mr. Jaramillo's Class of '64-65   Unknown - we need  your help!
    Class of 62-63 - Mrs. Newcom
    Class of 64-65 - Mr. Jones
Jefferson Elementary   Mt. View Elementary
Mrs. Bush's Kindergarten Class of `58-59   Class of `58-`59 - Mary
Mrs. Dahm's 1st Grade Class of `59-60   Class of `59-`60 - Blajo
Mrs. Toth's Teacher's 1st Grade Class   Class of `60-`61 - Dale
Mrs. Deiss' 2nd Grade Class of `60-61   Class of `61-`62 - Spinning
Mrs. Glascow's 2nd Grade Class of 60-61   Class of `62-`63 - Dale
Mrs. Hislop's Class of `61-62   Class of '62-'63 - Roberts
Mrs. Carlson's Class of `61-62   Class of `63-`64 - Meredith
Mrs. Jones' Class of `62-63   Class of '63-'64 - Shockley
Mrs. Grande's Class of `63-64   Class of `64-65 - Meredith
Mr. Livingstone's Class of `64-65    
Mrs. Lindbloom's Class of `64-65    
Jackson Elementary   Palm Elementary
Mrs. Brown's Kindergarten Class of 1959   Unknown Kindergarten
Mrs. Swisher's 3rd Grade Class of 1962    
Sierra Jr. High   Chemawa Jr. High
Class of '68 Yearbook   Chemawa Memories
(small assortment of photos & documents from `67-`68)

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