Welcome to the Rampage Archives!

These pages are devoted to making Ramona's own newspaper available to its Class of `71 Alumnus for the years alumni attended Ramona. We have limited copies of the Rampages for these years and, if you have copies not currently available on this website, we would love to add your copies to the archives.

If you would like to loan your copy of any Rampage issue or any article that you may have clipped to the webmaster, contact us a webmaster@ramona71.net so we can make arrangements to borrow your copies, scan them and then get them back to you.

We will be continuing to add articles, pages and issues as we receive and convert them. If you have back issues of the Rampages you would like to include on this website, you can either scan them (at 300 dpi) and send them to us, or send us your issues with your name and return address and we'll send them back to you as soon as we scan them.

We hope you enjoy the memories!

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