Ramona `71 Class Ring

We are currently in negotiations with nationally known manufacturer of High School and other class rings. In order to make it cost effective, we need a minimum order of 70 rings. If you didn't get a class ring in 1971, or if you lost yours sometime between then and now, here's a second chance. The more we order, the lower the per-ring price will be.

If you have any interest in getting or replacing your class ring, fill out the interest card below, so we can gauge whether or not enough interest exists. This is not a pre-order, nor are you obligated in any way to purchase a class ring. We are merely taking an interest poll at this point. If there is enough interest, we will take orders at that time.

Ramona `71 Class Ring Interest Card

Yes! I am interested in the Ramona Class of `71 Alumni Ring. Please keep me posted on the status of your discussions with the ring maker.

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